Rare Device Staff Retreat 2k17


It’s that time of year again where the Rare Device staff close up shop and take the day to explore the subtle treats the Bay Area has to offer. This year, the RD Crew made their way down to Pacifica for some light hiking, casual whale watching, and a special ceramics class taught by Linda Fahey at her coastal shop, Yonder

The RD crew whale watching off the Pacific Coast

The day began with a light hike through the bumpy terrain of the Pacific Coast. A flurry of small wild creatures were spotted along the way including snakes, rabbits, and hawks. Luckily, the crew had Linda Fahey leading the way! We were determined to find our way to the Pacific Ocean in search of whales. We hit the jackpot when a small pod of humpback whales were spotted feeding just off the shore. An eclectic mix of pelicans, seagulls, and sea lions also made brief appearances. 

Linda showing the RD crew how to form the clay

Still excited from our whale sightings, we made our way back to Yonder for Linda's last ceramics class at her Pacifica studio. Linda is opening up a much larger location in San Francisco's Inner Richmond District on September 1st, where she will offer additional ceramics classes. 

Rachel forming her coil pot

The RD Crew rolling out coils to make a pot

Using pinch pot, flat slab, and coil techniques, each RD Crew member made a combination of bowls, cups, and planters of various shapes and sizes. Creativity was running wild! A total of 6 hours was spent making various creations and by the end of the class, no one wanted to leave. 

Freshly made pinch cups waiting to get handles

Part of the fun was watching everyone come up with slightly different shapes and sizes for their creations. Everyone had a different idea and take on the creative process, which is what makes art so inspiring and fun! 

Pelicans flying over the Pacific Ocean

As the sun set, we said our goodbyes to Linda and made our way back into the city. Refreshed and creative juices flowing, we were ready to get back to work!

You can find a variety of workshops led by Linda Fahey on her website, which includes ceramics, drawing, painting, floral design, bread making, fermentation and much more!

Rare Device Staff Retreat 2016


Tons of fun was had by the Rare Device crew as they set upon sunny adventures across San Francisco! The annual Rare Device staff retreat took place on Wednesday September 14th with Giselle, Adrina, Lexi, Jessie, Kayla, Dave, and Rachel in attendance.   

The day started off with a scavenger hunt through the lush landscape of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens prepared by Giselle’s husband, Phurba. The challenge was composed of several riddles and puzzles that had to be solved by the crew, taking us to different locations of the park for fun photo opportunities. 

Jessie, Giselle, and Adrina (from left to right) complete the challenge of hugging the largest tree!

Once the challenge was complete, the crew collected ubiquitous looking leaves and grass to take to 3 Fish Studios for a monoprint class taught by the ever so charming Eric Rewitzer. A hop, skip, and a jump from Golden Gate Park to the Beach Chalet for lunch, and then we we’re off to 3 Fish Studios! Eric, Annie, and Orlie greeted our crew with open arms. Eric wasted no time in beginning the monoprint lessons. With a quick introduction on materials and techniques, the crew began making their very own creations using the leaves and grass collected from Golden Gate Park.


Giselle, Lexi, Adrina, Dave, and Kayla (from left to right) scavenge through leaves to find the perfect ones.


A variety of ink colors were provided, including this fun rainbow effect!


Creativity was flourishing as many of the crew members created layered and multicolored prints!

The crew show off some of their favorite finished pieces.

A huge thanks to 3 Fish Studios for having our crew and treating us with such generosity!

As the sun set, we said our goodbyes and headed off in different directions. It was time to get back to business and keep the artwork and memories we made that day in our hearts forever. 

Chroma Recap!


Lisa Solomon and Christine Buckton Tillman in front of their freshly finished wall!

Lisa and Christine are all smiles after completing the install!

A fun time was had by all who attended the artist reception for Chroma. Artists Lisa Solomon and Christine Buckton Tillman were on hand to great family, friends and fans. This was also a happy celebration for the 20+ volunteers who glued every piece to the wall over the course of 3 days. Our own Alice Wu created a Chroma inspired food spread to add an extra dose of fun for the night.

If you didn't make it to the party, don't worry, Chroma is up through Sept. 6 at our gallery at 600 Divisadero Street in San Francisco. This installation is a must-see if you are in the area. Also, check out the hashtag #rdchroma for all the awesome pictures that our customers have taken the last few weeks. Original drawings and screen printed posters are also available for sale on our website. 

Guests enjoying the unique intricacies of Chroma 

Any angle of the wall makes for an excellent photo opportunity!

Chroma inspired merchandising

You can color code anything!

Guests meeting one of the artists, Christine

The successful installation in its entirety!

Emulsion Lift Workshop Recap!


Mark and Jay led the Emulsion Lift Workshop and it was a great success!

We were delighted to host the Emulsion Lift Workshop for The Impossible Project this past Saturday. Mark and Jay demonstrated the restored SX-70 and 600 series Polaroid cameras, the I-1 camera with ring flash and the Instant Lab Universal. The Emulsion Lift demo attracted guests of all ages, who could bring in photographs or have their portrait taken on the spot. Emulsion lifts are very easy to do, with some practice! The image is cut out of the instant film frame, soaked in hot water, and eased onto a piece of paper or the substrate of your choice. Come see examples and make your own lifts. You can still shop cameras and instant film at the in-store only Pop-Up through July 25!
Mark demonstrates how to remove the image from the film backing
You can do emulsion lifts with items found around the house
 A very interactive afternoon
Instant film cameras and a portrait photographer at the ready
An emulsion lift portrait!
Artist and Rare Device staff Adrina G. gives it a go
Waiting for the photos to drip-dry!
Camera demos by Jay (@thepolaroidjay)
A steady stream of analog photography and instant film enthusiasts all day long
Guests tried the new cameras and learned to do emulsion lifts
Guest Sabrina surveys her print, waiting for it to dry
A selection of cameras and film, available at Rare Device through July 25
 Lovingly restored cameras, beautifully formulated instant film