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Rare Device Staff Retreat 2016

Rare Device Staff Retreat 2016

Tons of fun was had by the Rare Device crew as they set upon sunny adventures across San Francisco! The annual Rare Device staff retreat took place on Wednesday September 14th with Giselle, Adrina, Lexi, Jessie, Kayla, Dave, and Rachel in attendance.   

The day started off with a scavenger hunt through the lush landscape of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens prepared by Giselle’s husband, Phurba. The challenge was composed of several riddles and puzzles that had to be solved by the crew, taking us to different locations of the park for fun photo opportunities. 

Jessie, Giselle, and Adrina (from left to right) complete the challenge of hugging the largest tree!

Once the challenge was complete, the crew collected ubiquitous looking leaves and grass to take to 3 Fish Studios for a monoprint class taught by the ever so charming Eric Rewitzer. A hop, skip, and a jump from Golden Gate Park to the Beach Chalet for lunch, and then we we’re off to 3 Fish Studios! Eric, Annie, and Orlie greeted our crew with open arms. Eric wasted no time in beginning the monoprint lessons. With a quick introduction on materials and techniques, the crew began making their very own creations using the leaves and grass collected from Golden Gate Park.


Giselle, Lexi, Adrina, Dave, and Kayla (from left to right) scavenge through leaves to find the perfect ones.


A variety of ink colors were provided, including this fun rainbow effect!


Creativity was flourishing as many of the crew members created layered and multicolored prints!

The crew show off some of their favorite finished pieces.

A huge thanks to 3 Fish Studios for having our crew and treating us with such generosity!

As the sun set, we said our goodbyes and headed off in different directions. It was time to get back to business and keep the artwork and memories we made that day in our hearts forever. 

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