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Rare Device Staff Retreat 2k17

Rare Device Staff Retreat 2k17

It’s that time of year again where the Rare Device staff close up shop and take the day to explore the subtle treats the Bay Area has to offer. This year, the RD Crew made their way down to Pacifica for some light hiking, casual whale watching, and a special ceramics class taught by Linda Fahey at her coastal shop, Yonder

The RD crew whale watching off the Pacific Coast

The day began with a light hike through the bumpy terrain of the Pacific Coast. A flurry of small wild creatures were spotted along the way including snakes, rabbits, and hawks. Luckily, the crew had Linda Fahey leading the way! We were determined to find our way to the Pacific Ocean in search of whales. We hit the jackpot when a small pod of humpback whales were spotted feeding just off the shore. An eclectic mix of pelicans, seagulls, and sea lions also made brief appearances. 

Linda showing the RD crew how to form the clay

Still excited from our whale sightings, we made our way back to Yonder for Linda's last ceramics class at her Pacifica studio. Linda is opening up a much larger location in San Francisco's Inner Richmond District on September 1st, where she will offer additional ceramics classes. 

Rachel forming her coil pot

The RD Crew rolling out coils to make a pot

Using pinch pot, flat slab, and coil techniques, each RD Crew member made a combination of bowls, cups, and planters of various shapes and sizes. Creativity was running wild! A total of 6 hours was spent making various creations and by the end of the class, no one wanted to leave. 

Freshly made pinch cups waiting to get handles

Part of the fun was watching everyone come up with slightly different shapes and sizes for their creations. Everyone had a different idea and take on the creative process, which is what makes art so inspiring and fun! 

Pelicans flying over the Pacific Ocean

As the sun set, we said our goodbyes to Linda and made our way back into the city. Refreshed and creative juices flowing, we were ready to get back to work!

You can find a variety of workshops led by Linda Fahey on her website, which includes ceramics, drawing, painting, floral design, bread making, fermentation and much more!
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