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Emulsion Lift Workshop Recap!

Emulsion Lift Workshop Recap!

Mark and Jay led the Emulsion Lift Workshop and it was a great success!

We were delighted to host the Emulsion Lift Workshop for The Impossible Project this past Saturday. Mark and Jay demonstrated the restored SX-70 and 600 series Polaroid cameras, the I-1 camera with ring flash and the Instant Lab Universal. The Emulsion Lift demo attracted guests of all ages, who could bring in photographs or have their portrait taken on the spot. Emulsion lifts are very easy to do, with some practice! The image is cut out of the instant film frame, soaked in hot water, and eased onto a piece of paper or the substrate of your choice. Come see examples and make your own lifts. You can still shop cameras and instant film at the in-store only Pop-Up through July 25!
Mark demonstrates how to remove the image from the film backing
You can do emulsion lifts with items found around the house
 A very interactive afternoon
Instant film cameras and a portrait photographer at the ready
An emulsion lift portrait!
Artist and Rare Device staff Adrina G. gives it a go
Waiting for the photos to drip-dry!
Camera demos by Jay (@thepolaroidjay)
A steady stream of analog photography and instant film enthusiasts all day long
Guests tried the new cameras and learned to do emulsion lifts
Guest Sabrina surveys her print, waiting for it to dry
A selection of cameras and film, available at Rare Device through July 25
 Lovingly restored cameras, beautifully formulated instant film
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