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Home by RD Presents...

Home by RD Presents...

The Perfect Coffee Table

Tips from Ariel Berk

A coffee table decorated with items from Rare Device; coasters, mugs, vases and candles

In this edition of Home by RD Presents, our Retail Manager extraordinaire, Ariel Berk aka Earl, walks us through designing a perfect coffee table. Ariel Berk, Store Manager at Rare Device

“Our coffee tables do a lot! Not only are they a focal piece of furniture that ties the living room together, but they also need to be versatile – holding our coziest, quietest moments and also gatherings with friends and family.

Here are some tips to design a perfect coffee table that balances both function and aesthetic:

East Clay Ceramic mugs in indigo on top of felted wool coasters from Graf Lantz

  • Of course, every coffee table needs the perfect mug(s)! A beautiful handmade mug can truly make coffee or tea taste better, and is a special way to make your guests feel at home

Pop coasters from Graf Lantz

  • Coasters protect your table, but they’re also an easy way to add pops of color, texture and personality. Wool coasters are extra absorbent to catch condensation from cold drinks AND keep your coffee mug extra cozy!

 a trio of ghosts

  • Styling simple moments in the top corners of the table can incorporate design elements without adding too much clutter. A vase with fresh flowers adds color and centers the room, or grouping smaller items together in a corner creates texture. 

Block Design Reversible Vases

  • Rotating candles on your coffee table is an easy way to boost the vibe. Have a couple to choose from to match the moment: A sunny, bright scent for an afternoon cheeseboard and cocktails with friends or an earthier, mellow scent for rainy afternoons.

more coffee table decor

  • If your coffee table has a bottom shelf, this is the perfect place to keep your go-to chill activities. Whether that’s the TV remote, a stack of novels, an embroidery or paint kit , or a couple interior design books to keep you inspired have them in reach when you settle onto the couch.

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