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HOME by RD Presents...

HOME by RD Presents...

How to Hang a Gallery Wall 

with Rachel T. Roberston

A couch with a a gallery wall above where art pieces magically appear and disappear one by one.

This month, we’re going to focus on making your house/apartment/studio/dorm room feel like a home. With personal touches, items that promote well-being, and serve as both beautiful and functional, any room can feel like an oasis. 

Portrait of Rachel T Robertson

For our first project, Rachel T. Robertson gives us some helpful tips on how to make the perfect gallery wall in your home. Rachel is a San Francisco artist and also our Visual Merchandiser. She creates all the amazing window displays we’ve had throughout the years and is in charge of our overall store visual aesthetic. 

Here are some pro-tips she gave us about piecing together your art collection. 

  • Curate pieces from your collection for hanging. There could be a theme, perhaps a color or subject that repeats throughout the pieces, or perhaps a type of medium (i.e. pink & red, paintings of cats, or pencil drawings.) Another option is to mix varied types of work but use the same color frame to tie them together. 
  • If all the pieces are the same or close in size, those would look great hanging all in a line at the same level or hung in a perfect grid! 

A green couch and a potted plant with framed prints of Hi-Bred risograph prints above the couch, creating a gallery wall

  • If the pieces are varied in size, hang them salon style.For salon style, it’s helpful to use the largest piece as your starting point, and hang the other pieces around it, closely spacing the pieces.

A green couch with a salon-style gallery wall of artwork above it consisting of abstract color art and still life

  • Don’t have everything framed? No problem! Use clips and hooks or small magnets to hang the work on the wall.
  • Don’t forget, you can also include 3D pieces in your wall. Fiber wall hangings, sculptures on small shelves, clothing, jewelry, or even air plants can look interesting mixed in with your collection. 
  • Paint your gallery wall a fun color as a backdrop for your collection.

To jump start your own gallery wall, visit our curated collection of art prints, both framed and unframed. There's also a rotating gallery show at the store where you'll surely find some inspiration or a great piece to add to the collection. Happy decorating!

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