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Color Therapy

At this very second in New York, the sun is beating brightly down, but we are in for some crazy, rather unseasonable weather next week. So, a bit of color therapy for you in this post.

I love presents in the mail. This packet of cards and such is from Sabine Brandt in Denmark who wants to design some stickers for us. I am a big fan already but now even more so! The cards and the shop vegetation mascot are resting on some photo boxes that we use to store jewelry inventory. They are great boxes and have a ton of uses...yes we have a few for sale at the store.


We keep meaning to put these cute printed canvas bags from Bungalow 360 in the webshop, but we sell them out before we get a chance to! Maybe this time...



And finally...I have a thing for jackets. Here are a couple more at the shop - a sweetly retro one made of uncut corduroy by Paper Bird, and an organic cotton hoodie with great details by Prairie Underground. Please excuse the hair, I'm getting it cut this weekend.


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  • rena look at your cute hair! it’s getting so long, i love it.


  • these jackets are so cute! especially the purple one.


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