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Alice and Talla

Here is a photo of the Alice in Wonderland pop-up book. It is so delightfully...googly.

And here is a new linen jacket from Talla, sorry it is blurry but it's a bit rainy and dark today!


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  • […] Alice in Pop-Up Wonderland J.Otto Seibold I was reminded of this book after seeing it on the Rare Device blog. You can pick upa copy at the store (which by the way is showing work from Lisa Congdon- if you’re in the Brooklyn area you should definitely check it out! Or you can even buy works online here.) This book is so awesome because it takes the wacky drawings of J.Otto Seibold and makes them three dimensional. The paper engineer James Roger Diaz gets hardly any credit, but he should. (Check out the long list of books he’s designed here.) There’s lots to interact with- open doors and reveal more pop-ups, spin a wheel to see an enlarged Alice move around in the rabbit’s house, pull down a tab and make the Cheshire cat disappear only leaving his smile. The text is all in signature J.Otto style, ornamented with curly serifs, 3-d effects and lots of color. Critics were unhappy with the cut and pasting of excerpts from the original Lewis Carroll text. I think if you’re looking to read the Alice in Wonderland story(boring!), this book is not for you. If you are looking to have a crazy Alice experience and be surprised and excited with every turn of the page(yay!), then pick up a copy. Also check out his other books, like my other favorite Olive, The Other Reindeer. p.s. Who knows what happened to J.Otto’s site?? It was an incredible site with lots of animation-for some reason I can’t locate it. […]

    Book By Its Cover » Alice in Pop-Up Wonderland

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