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Lisa's Show Q & A

We've been getting some questions about buying art from the upcoming Lisa Congdon show online. Lisa is a fair and honest soul and instead of any pre-sale, we are deferring online sales to coincide with the actual opening day of the show, which is Wednesday the 18th. Please check back on the 18th when we will add the work to the shop! There is a possibility that we will put images up early but there will not be a way to purchase the work until the 18th.

Things to note: Our shopping cart is not set up to automatically deactivate work as it is sold. If a piece sells, you will see a big orange Backordered message. Obviously the work is one of a kind and cannot be backordered. DO NOT BUY the work if you see this message! If you do, your payment will be refunded. We will try and deactivate work as fast as we can by removing the Buy button, but there are of course limits to how fast we can do this. Finally, work will not be shipped until the end of the show. Shipping will be calculated at that time, depending on the destination and kind of shipping (regular or express, insured, etc) and we will be in contact with you about payment for shipping.

Finally - please do come to the opening reception on THURSDAY the 19th - there are 20 signed and numbered sets, each containing a few small screenprints and a tiny and lovely collage (see all 20 here) and they will ONLY be available at the party. We'll see you soon!

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