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Happy Hannukah! It's getting a bit thin at the store, but some of the lovely things we do have in stock -

Karin Eriksson tealight holders in two styles
Tonfisk tea lanterns and cups with oak 'bracelets'
Kikatsu handblown, handetched glassware
Old School Stationers wall prints (plenty of 7 out of 9 styles)
Wren Handmade 2007 wall calendars
A new batch of jewelry by Laurice Curran
Screenprinted vintage leather wallets and coin holders by Shara Porter
Art, comic, photography and design books

And more... When I say 'thin' that is from a retailer's perspective, but I think shoppers don't notice quite as much! We are working to restock some of the most popular items, being the Lumens and Baby Journals and even those Year of White Pages...but they are not here yet. We have over a week to go til Christmas and new items will be arriving all week.

PS Yes, the ornaments in the window are for sale, and they are $10.

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