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Knit and Feathers

Alyssa Ettinger brought by some of her little espresso cups (or tealight holders, or cupcake holders, or toothpick holders, what have you) and yes, they really are that cute.

Also, the ornaments in our window are for sale. Go ahead, denude our window, we are okay with that. They are large matte ornaments with a feather or a bird in clear glass...

HOLIDAY SHIPPING NOTE: Folks, we appreciate your business SO MUCH and we are quite overwhelmed by your love this year. At this point we really and truly don't know if the orders we receive online will get to you in time. We are striving to ship everything by Monday or Tuesday, even the orders we have received after our December 10 deadline, but the shipping department is also the store salesperson, that is to say - me. We are not offering rush shipping because believe me, I can't rush any faster! We are also removing some items from the site to save for in-store shoppers in Brooklyn. We hope you'll understand...and we'll be much more ready for the next season. Thanks a bunch.

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