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A little break from the store news, since you can guess the store is crazy and that's all there is to say about it.

Gifts to myself:
This great big lovely Annette Messager book
A frame for a poster that has been sitting in plastic since I bought it at a super ephemera sale at Addison Endpapers in Oakland, CA
Health insurance (finally!)

Gifts I hope to get:
A subscription to George Howell's Coffee Club or possibly just a pound or two of Blue Bottle beans every once in a while
New pillows - every so often you just have to replace them
1096-S Priority Mail boxes for shipping, those things are like gold these days

Gifts I have gotten already from customers:
A potted succulent that "flowers when you neglect it" which seems pretty much the ticket for the shop window
A recipe for Swedish Apple Pie with a yummy crumbly crust
A survival goodie bag of oranges, trashy gossip magazines and Aero bars

Back to the store - we are open every day this week, get your last-minute shopping done, and say hi. There may be some final inning restock surprises so it pays to come by or call...there are a few piggy banks left, a couple glass tea kettles, etc. besides all of our regular fun fare. Today someone said we had the 'most cool per square foot' - we kinda like that!

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  • oh to have a swedish apple pie recipe!


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