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Well, I am back, and I heard I missed the warm sunny day this week. Oh well I was in a warm sunny state and that was just what I needed, even though vacation = letting my guard down = getting a nasty cold in California. Now I am back and on the job again. What did I do in LA? Ate piles of Korean BBQ, then incredibly good and cheap Thai food in Thai Town. And great ramen on Sawtelle near Giant Robot. I did a little shopping and quite a bit of lazy sitting in Venice. We found an incredible bookstore called Equator Books that had tons of rare art books and the like, which inspires me to get yet more books for the shop.

I got a bunch of new greeting cards in, the stocks were a bit depleted, I have put some new designs out (including a very sweet Alice in Wonderland-inspired set) and am waiting for a couple more weeks to unveil the Valentine's Day selection. They are cute but not too sentimental.

The Matt & Nat bags and wallets are due any day now. You probably know of this line, it's all vegan bags that really look and feel and wear like leather. They are super stylish to boot!

What else - there will be someone taking photos of the shop for a magazine tomorrow so you may see me running around, cleaning and rearranging things all morning. That's all for now.

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