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Oh my, it's quite a day today, the street outside is white with dangerous frost, the wind is whipping down the avenue and rattling the gate, the trees, and everything else unfortunately enough to be outside. Today the lock on the gate wouldn't open! I had to borrow a cup of hot water from Kiku next door, soak the lock for 30 seconds, and then open up the shop. Yup, pretty cold.

Very quiet in here, I am Getting Things Done however. Trying to get your new and improved Rare Device website with much more e-commerce up and running! We are looking at early February, just in time for readers of a certain Magazine About Shopping to visit.

We got a nice little blurb in the Park Slope Reader, there are a bunch here in the store if you want to pick one up and stay up to date on the neighborhood. So many new shops and restaurants!

That's about it. I am sitting here reading from a tiny volume of Coleridge, printed in 1902, that my brother got for the store. It has Rare Device's namesake poem in it, among other poems and such. A most thoughtful gift...

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  • rena, you are such a “lucky” girl! i am so glad to be a part of your boutique!!!


  • I saw your name in a magazine…Bead Style maybe? Anyway it got me all giddy!I just love to see great gals in print!
    Congrats on the store doing so well!


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