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I'm going to be out for a few days next week...first I'm going to visit the madness that is Accessories the Show and Accessorie Circuit, and then we're going to sneak in a mini-trip to Los Angeles to enjoy the 70-plus degree weather, visit friends, hit some galleries, eat satsuma mandarins and good fish tacos hopefully, and of course go shopping. If anyone has suggestions on where to go for any of the above, please leave a comment! I haven't been in L.A. for years.

However, the lovely and talented Laurice Curran will be minding the store and creating her Spring jewelry collection in the back, so we'll have regular hours (Weds - Sat, 12-7 and Sun 12-6).

I just want to say again that I absolutely picked the right neighborhood to set up my shop in! I have the best regular customers already and the best neighbor merchants too. While you are visiting, also pop in at the other south 7th Ave boutiques (Otto, Bird, Nest, Neda, Greenjeans, Shoe Mine, Sweet Charity, I am forgetting some I'm sure) and eatin' places (Parco, Java Indonesian, Kiku Sushi, Anthony's, Cafe Steinhof).

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  • Thanks for the shout-out, Rena!

    And please let Laurice know if she needs anything next week to just call or stop by.

    Enjoy your trip to CA and I hope you come back refreshed and inspired!

    - Amy

    Greenjeans Adventure

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