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On Vacation

We are taking a break until January 4 to recharge (as well as rearrange EVERYTHING in the shop, and mark down tons of items for our January sale). Please be patient! Today we redid the front window and the word is Orange, I was in a bright color mood so there you go.

The Stump Teapot is back in stock for you, it is petite and makes just enough tea for you alone, the colors are aqua blue, orange, red and shiny black. More o-check and mmmg - the Korean paper goods people - on the way.

Derek and I have been working on RDV2 (website 2.0) which will be oh so much more official and nice than the current one. For the out-of-towners, this means online ordering of as many products as I have time to photograph.

I think that's about all. I am scheming about a fun Valentine's Day event, so you can spoil yourself or someone else, and also I am trying to figure out where and how to display prints - people are asking for small artwork for their homes and I want to oblige...

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