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Happy New Year

A new year and some new products for you, along with some old faves.

I just received a few new I. Ronni Kappos necklaces and sweet earrings as well. If you are a fan of her colorful vintage glass creations, please come take a look. Also, Margaret Nicole bangle bags in more winter colors and sizes - an oversized version with black ribbon on black wool is my favorite, though the cream bag with avocado green velvet ribbon that's perched in the window is great, too.

We're also restocked on o-check products, including the bird and vine passport cases that sold out so fast last month, bright blue birdie notebooks, and the skinny desk calendars. New o-check includes a weekly desk planner reminiscent of 50s ledger books, lovely linen-covered buttons, and a little glass flask with rolls of paper inside, ready for you to inscribe a message and send to someone.

Brand-new to the shop are "wallpaper-posters" by Hanna Werning of Sweden. I have 5 designs and if you have resolved to redecorate in the new year, these are great, as single posters or to cover an entire wall. The posters are printed with designs that tile and are on special paper, ready to be glued to your wall. See for styles and e-mail me if you are curious which 5 I have at the shop (though I can order any style for you). I have the crocodile one hanging in the dressing room right now.

Don't forget - sale all this month! See you soon!

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