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Post Holiday Hours

Happy holidays to all! Thanks for making Rare Device very welcome in the neighborhood this season. Today you can get last-minute gifts and try some One Girl Cookies, they are so good. We're going to close a bit early and get some celebratory sushi at Blue Ribbon tonight.

Rare Device will be closed until Wednesday, January 4. I've been debating about opening the last 4 regular days between the holidays but we do need a break - have to see friends and visit the museums - as well as to clean, do inventory, rearrange things, and prep for the big January sale. We'll have handbags, clothing and other sundries on sale from 15-40% off, to make way for lots of new goods. You *may* catch us open during the week but officially we will be closed.

Please have a safe and happy holiday, and we'll see you in the New Year!

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