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Small Stuff Gift Guide

Hello, my name is Grace and I am a Retail Assistant at Rare Device. This gift guide project has become a shameless exercise for me in brainstorming gifts to send to my friends and family back home in New Zealand. Subsequently, I’ve selected all things sweet, small, and light- in other words items that won’t cost a fortune to post to your loved ones out of state or overseas.

Imagined Desks of Historical Women 2015 Calendar (1): This adorable desk calendar reimagines the desks of important women from history, including Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe and Amelia Earhart. Both whimsical and wee it is the perfect present to send to the fab, feminist friends I hope you all have. Dear Hancock, $16.

Gingham Crew Socks (2): I know that giving socks during the holidays has a bad rep but please bear with me. I think these are so cute and would personally love to receive them as a gift. They are small enough to tuck into an envelope if you’re posting them and the orange and green gingham print makes these the perfect accessory in which to transition from fall to winter. Note: These are exclusive to our Noe Valley location and are not available online. We carry their tights as well which naturally are also amazing so I encourage you to pop by 4071 24th Street if you can, and and check ‘em out! Hansel from Basel, $15.

Wooden Cafe Clip Coffee Scoop (3): My dad is a nightmare to buy for but I think he would like this- he is a fan of presents that have a purpose and this has two; being both a coffee scoop and a clip to seal the bag after. Pair this with a bag of locally roasted coffee beans and you will have nailed the art of stylish yet practical gift giving. Kikkerland, $9.

Nail Polish in Gangsta-Boo and Party Bruise (4-5): All of their colors are so great it’s hard to choose, so I tend to pick the names I like the best to help me decide. Biscuits is another favorite. And Tan Lines. The glosses are harsh chemical- and cruelty-free so both the recipient’s nails and conscience will be happy. Floss Gloss, $8.

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