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Ceramics Gift Guide

Hi everyone, this is Giselle, owner and buyer at Rare Device. I often confess to friends and strangers alike that I have a "ceramics problem." I could easily open a store that only stocks ceramic products; maybe I'll call it Rare Pottery. Anyway, when we decided to do gift guides this year I immediately said that I would choose the ceramics. Easy peasy. The only problem was that I had to narrow it down to four--so here goes my list.

Salt Box (1): This is a Rare Device staple. We have them in 10 colors and I can safely say that not one color is the winner. Everyone loves the salt box and every color is the best seller. In my house, we don't actually use it for salt but for sugar. Really, you can use it for anything that you like, even if it's not in the kitchen. Beehouse, $24.

Girl Cup Cat Mask (2): I don't remember where I first saw Klai's ceramics but I remember thinking that I had to have them, they are so very Rare Device. In my buying notes I wrote the words "so great, email her ASAP." So I did, and I'm so happy to have these at the shop. She paints each one by hand and no two are alike! Klai, $31-$53.

Morandi Pitcher (3): I fell in love with Roost's Morandi line the minute I saw it. We carry the cup, mug, and cream and sugar set but I chose to highlight the pitcher. I just love this shape and its substantial size, it is beautiful and functional and will make a great addition to your holiday dining table. Roost, $66. 

Grey Stitch Butter Box (4): I've been internet stalking Danish designer Gry Fager for a long, long time. I've been trying to scheme up ways to import her products to the US. When some of her stitches collection became available, I jumped at it and immediately ordered them for the store. I just really love the shape and simple design of this butter box. Menu, $40.

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