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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Ornaments

Whether you have a big, sweeping eight-footer or a teeny table-top tree that's already mostly bald, it's not actually anything more than a random dead tree you dragged inside until you dress it up with a million beautiful ornaments. I'm here to help you do that! I'm Ellie and I help out with a bunch of stuff at Rare Device, like events & marketing. My mom mails ornaments to me no matter where I am or if I even have a tree to put them on, so I felt like I could do some justice to that passion by picking out a few favorites from Rare Device this year.


Handpainted Star, Cube, Bauble, & Eye (1, 5, 6, 14): These wooden ornaments add the perfect touch to a tree that needs a little pick-me-up (mine, every year). The star has just a touch of festive glitter; the bauble has a great dip-dye effect; and the eyeball ornament is just my all-time favorite ornament ever. These definitely top my list for must-haves for the tree this year! The Great Lakes Goods, $10-$16. Available in-store at 600 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA, 94117.

Santa Lucia Snowflakes (2, 3): This is absolutely the only kind of snow that I want to see for the holidays--tiny beautiful delicate snowflake ornaments on my tree! It won’t make me chilly; I don’t need to spend an extra thirty minutes getting dressed in the morning; and no extra caution required while walking. Just a sweet reminder of the season. These come in a set of twelve in a few different designs. Roost, $20.

Raccoon Bandits (7): How cute is this little guy? They come complete with blueprints, sacks, and masks--everything they need for a night of holiday mischief! Roost, $11. Available in-store at 600 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA, 94117.

Crocheted Fried Egg, Bacon, and Donut (4, 9, 11): Continuing the food theme, these crocheted breakfast ornaments by local designer Mary Fleitas are too. much. Tree decorating should be about two things: stuff you made when you were five and the stuff that you're most passionate about in life. This falls into the latter category, for sure. Green Horse Craft, $12 each.

Polar Bear (8): Okay, if nearly every one of these ornaments is a quirky addition to your tree, this one is a classic. Handmade of natural sisal fiber, this sweet polar bear is quintessentially of the season. Roost, $9.

Milagro Swan (10): A few of these beautiful brass swans scattered in your tree will add a lovely bit of shine. Roost, $11.

Mini Hotdog & Burger (12, 15): I love these graphic wooden ornaments. They make me think of carnivals! If it’s not very clear I really like the idea of blending classic-style ornaments with funky out-of-left-field stuff like this. Gold Teeth, $18 each.

Marine Menagerie (13): Why stick to the usual reindeers and bunnies when you can adorn your tree with a shark? Or a sea turtle? Or a marlin? This is the year to celebrate our oft-forgotten under-the-sea compatriots and these ornaments make it easy. Roost, $15.

Felted Root Veggies (16): A subtle reminder that amongst all the pies and sweets of the holidays we can’t forget to eat our vegetables! Just kidding, these are just insanely cute and even though I never really thought about having vegetable ornaments on my tree before this, now I definitely can’t imagine not having them! Roost, $11. Available in-store at 600 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA, 94117.

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