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Clay Sunset by Ian Mackay

Clay Sunset by Ian Mackay

Clay Sunset by Ian Mackay in the Rare Device Gallery

Rare Device is happy to announce our next gallery show, Clay Sunset by Ian Mackay of Hi-Bred. Ian describes the show as "a series of risograph prints inspired by the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco where I live and work. Walking along its streets, amid its colorful, quirky houses, and sculptural shrubbery, I feel as if I am in a toy landscape. The houses’ facades riff on various architectural traditions with whimsy. Their plaster exteriors evoke hand-modeled clay, with cartoonish lumps and bumps— some even look like they’ve been marked by giant fingernails. Clay Sunset is a pastiche on a pastiche: the neighborhood seen through my eyes, shaped out of clay by my hands, and colored by my imagination"

Show Dates: June 16th - August 6th

Reception: Friday, June 16th, 6-8pm

Artist Statement: I like to imagine characters and the details of the worlds that they inhabit. Everything is influenced by my sensory experience of our world, but I take the opportunity to exaggerate, distort, and fantasize. The goal is something recognizable but different: a simulacrum. In these pictorial places, stories inevitably emerge from the relationships between characters, objects, and environment.

Artist Bio: Ian Mackay is a San Francisco-based artist whose practice spans comics, printmaking, illustration, and animation. Ian founded the small press Hi-Bred—a vehicle for publishing his original comics, zines, and prints as well as collaborations with other artists, printmakers, and friends.

Read our artist interview with Ian.

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