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Feeling Lucky: A Rare Device Staff Show

Feeling Lucky: A Rare Device Staff Show

Feeling Lucky: An RD Staff Show
The staff of Rare Device is proud to present Feeling Lucky: A Rare Device Staff Show. 

Feeling Lucky is a collective body of work celebrating the unique and powerful energies we choose to consciously put out into the world. Our perception helps form our reality, so why not make it a reality we desire? A reality fueled by gratitude, perseverance, and a little bit of luck.   

Feeling Lucky is each person's interpretation on what feeling lucky means to them, but we're also curious about what does feeling lucky mean to YOU? In-store attendees can add to our gallery wall with how they feel lucky and one LUCKY winner will be awarded an RD tote bag, loaded with staff favorites. 

Show Dates: April 28th - June 11th

Reception Date: April 28th, 6-8 pm


About the Artists:

Ariel Berk (she/her)
Ariel Berk feels truly lucky to participate in another RD Staff Show and work alongside so many artists every day. She loves art forms that demand slower, quieter moments including film photography, weaving and ceramics, and enjoyed picking up a paintbrush to reflect on some small daily gratitudes for this year’s show.
Instagram: Photos @insta_earl, Weavings @earloom_

CeeCee Hooton (she/they)
CeeCee Hooton is a British fine art photographer, trained in Chicago. Since moving to San Francisco they have been working in numerous textiles and taking a more organic & meditative approach to their art. They are feeling lucky to be part of such a welcoming group & excited to have fun with this show. These pieces are lighthearted, whimsical & easily recognizable symbols to bring good luck🤞.

Courtney Nguyen
Why Courtney is feeling lucky: she has the privilege of living in one of her favorite cities (spoiler: it’s San Francisco) and the more ~rare~ privilege of working with the coolest people at a staple SF small business. She has been a longtime lover and enthusiastic supporter of all things art, but only recently has begun exploring the artist side of things. 

Giselle Gyalzen (she/her)
Giselle Gyalzen is the owner of Rare Device. She is raising her family in San Francisco and has lived and worked there since 1996. She considers herself an artist in a non-traditional sense. She has a keen eye for design and function and is thrilled to be able to share this passion to the world through her store. She's endlessly inspired by color and nature. The pieces for this show are all made with found objects from her home or from Scrap SF. Through all of life’s ups and downs, she has always felt like luck has been her constant companion in both very small and very big ways.
Instagram: @giselle_raredevice

Jenn Zipp
Jenn Zipp is lucky to participate for the 5th time in the RD Staff Show. She is fortunate to live with a cat that supplies her with endless art inspiration, works with a crew of creative folx who laugh everyday, and loves to concoct a good meal from scratch. 
Instagram: @jennzipp (mostly cat content) and @raredevice account where she’s the occasional hand model.

Jyoti Arvey
Jyoti Arvey is an artist based in San Francisco who feels very grateful for the opportunity to take part in their second RD Staff show! Originally from New York State, Jyoti has called the Bay Area home for almost 8 years. Usually working with words or crafting performances, Jyoti is excited to get back into painting to create their own interpretation of The Fool tarot card. Reading tarot for many years now, The Fool is one of Jyoti's favorite cards, a reminder that the most worthwhile journeys require a foolish step forward into the vast unknown.  
Instagram: @ajyotijasmine

Rachel T. Robertson
Rachel T. Robertson is a San Francisco artist who has equal passion for fine art and craft. Working in both two and three dimensions, Rachel creates pieces with depth, texture and simplicity. In her fine art, she focuses primarily on mixed media works that include watercolor, drawing, collage and fiber playing with both representational subjects and abstraction. 

Shirley Jiang (she/her)
Shirley Jiang is a true Lucky Girl to have the story of her life as the RD Staff Show. Inspired by her fat cat with arthritis, she hopes these pieces also make you feel like luck is on your side. Enjoy.  

Veronica DeMatteis
Veronica DeMatteis is a part-time creative/full-time middle child from Yonkers, NY, who considers herself the luckiest person for being able to participate in her first ever RD Staff Show! Inspired by emotions, ghosts, and Little Edie Beale, Veronica’s work explores everything and nothing. It’s chaotic, it’s peaceful. It’s sorrow, it’s pleasure. It’s genius, it’s trash. It’s whatever she needs, and it’s whatever you want. Enjoy.


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