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26 Ways By Michelle

26 Ways By Michelle "Meng" Nguyen

We are proud to present the first gallery show of 2021, 26 Ways, by Michelle "Meng" Nguyen

View and Buy the pieces here

Show Dates: Friday, January 22 through Monday, March 8, 2021

We are open daily from 11 am to 6 pm and you can come into the store to view the show anytime we are open. 

About 26 Ways:

A common creative exercise for designers, illustrators, and letterers alike, is to play with different styles of the Latin alphabet. I have done the same plenty times as a warm-up before starting the day. But with life and work on the constant, it had been a long time since I stopped to sit and draw again. This was an opportunity to revisit the practice more deeply to develop my skills, explore type treatments & color palettes that I usually don't get to execute with the rigidity of existing client branding, as well as pay homage to the beautiful signage and typography found all over the world.


About Michelle "Meng" Nguyen:

Michelle "Meng" Nguyen is a designer and sign painter, born and raised in San Francisco. Her work is mostly typography-based and colorful, sometimes with a pun, wordplay or two.

She is inspired by her peers, vintage packaging, and hand painted signage from other countries, especially in Viet Nam where her family is from.

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