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I feel like this is much more effective with pictures so here are just a couple glimpses of the Lumi bags (and Mhann bags, the men's collection) we received. Really lovely leathers. Read the whole entry for more photos.

This first bag is boxy, kind of like a nice tool bag, it has a shoulder strap option, but it's definitely for the guys.


This one is called the supermarket bag. It's very flat (until you fill it, of course) and has a removable inner pocket and removable strap, in case you wanted to change the colors out at some point. I think we got some styles with a short flap too.

And this is the supermarket bag for women, a bit different stitching and each bag comes with both a short and a long strap, for shoulder or cross-body use. We have a deep blue and a plum color, I think.


Expect to see more bags on the site soon. I have to take a little break from painting and such and I might as well photograph bags for the webshop!

The SF shop is becoming more stocked each day. I think we have to start price-tagging soon so as not to become overwhelmed with that later on. Amy Tavern jewelry arrived, Studio Olivine cards, all sorts of good things.

Finally I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Craft Inc. book party and got a book signed by the wonderful Meg, and chatted with Lisa and me aka the Rare Device Bobbsey twins. (Who? Oh my, I think I just became hopelessly outdated. Time to stop.)

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