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Little Things

I'm sitting in the shop and I must say, there's nothing like a cement truck churning away parked in front to make you forget that the Blue Angels are flying overhead today.

Anyway, I got more goods in and we are *so close* to beginning to merchandise. I couldn't help snap a the rest of this entry for closeup photos and product info.



From left to right: Studio Olivine letterpress note set, Tracey Tanner leather flat pouch and bronze studded wrap bracelets, and a tiny bit of Three Sheets 2 the Wind's new linen pillow.


From left to right: a better shot of the silkscreened design on the pillow, an Aida Dirse bowl, and a Mustertussi handsewn notebook from Germany.

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  • rena, whenever you put the new aida bowl’s up for sale, i want one! ;)

  • Swoon – this is going to be the best store in town :)

    Victoria E

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