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Party Reminder!

Please come congratulate Meg on her latest book Craft Inc., say hi to Lisa and I (don't be shy!), have a drink, win something cool in the raffle and do a bit of schmoozing - tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 111 Minna in San Francisco. The party starts at 6pm, swing on by after work, okay?

Boxes of goodies keep rolling in at the SF store. Even though there will be a lot of overlap, we will be tweaking the Rare Device formula for both shops. So we are introducing a lovely leather line from Finland called Lumi, with silhouettes for men and women, to SF, and we have also just got a new batch of clothing from Umsteigen, with new patterns for fall. I will put some of the tops on the webshop this week. We have also received Nikki McClure calendars, baby journals and a few greeting card designs too.

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  • You know I’ll be there :)

    Victoria E

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