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If you are not on the mailing list, you missed quite a newsletter yesterday! To recap:

I (Rena) am moving to California in August - but Rare Device in Brooklyn will remain. With the help of Erin at Sodafine, who will share the storefront with me, we will keep going and make sure there is a presence in Park Slope. Erin will be bringing her handmade and eco-friendly clothing in...this means that all clothing currently in the shop must go, and has been marked down 20-40%.

The online store will remain open (we may close for a week during the cross-country move) and as soon as we can find a storefront in San Francisco, we'll open our second shop. All tips for available and shop spaces in the Bay Area are appreciated :)

That's it for now - don't forget to go to Renegade today and tomorrow, and see our table at the 7th Ave Street Fair tomorrow.

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  • That’s fabulous! I’m so glad the store will keep it’s Brooklyn roots :)

    Here’s to seeing you in Cali!

    P.S. Stopped off for cupcakes recently and they had sold out of every single one. Sweet Jeremiah…I will be going early from now on!!!


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