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Studio Olivine

Today we received beautiful boxed notesets from Studio Olivine of Portland, Oregon. They are letterpressed and I found them at the Stationery Show - it takes a lot to get my attention at that show among all the different lines so they must be pretty special! We'll have them up in the webshop for you this week.

We are also restocked on Hayden Harnett flight bags, Ivy coathooks in all colors, Bungalow 360 totes, Old School Stationers wall prints, and Marcie McGoldrick porcelain pendants and earrings. The heatwave has broken so it's a fine time to amble down to the shop and say hi.

Speaking of heat - we made our own Pinkberry-like dessert at home in our ice cream freezer. Fruit, a little gelatin, a container of vanilla yogurt. So very good!!

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