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Things I'm Enjoying Right Now

My Paul Pope print, on the wall with a little help from Make-A-Frame on Atlantic
Awaiting my custom jacket from Uniform Studio

Cute new goods from Talla's spring line arrived today
Wythe Hi-light from Re-surface in the window

New Arcade Fire on my iTunes

Chatting with Lisa about our shared compulsive need to plan everything

...and lest you think no work is being done, we have added a few things to the webshop, and more will go up every week. If you subscribe to the New Arrivals RSS, you will learn about these items instantly!

Coming up this month (hopefully) are more bird vases by Joanna Mendicino, and a fresh new batch of Vynil wall stickers, including old favorites and brand-new designs. FYI, we can order any of their designs for you but it may take 6-8 weeks as we do not order all the time.

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