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Spring is Here

Today is trying really hard to be springlike and so far I'm convinced. There is sun. Nobody is wearing gloves. And I didn't even wear a hat it must be spring! (Of course this is the day where I realize how my hair has grown out after winter and I cringe when I look in the mirror.)

Just a few pictures of our new window display (I was in a strange mood) and some new products too. The short list: Thomas Paul notebook sets and thank you notes...yes he's expanded to paper goods and they look great. We also have some new silkscreened journals with heavy chipboard covers, and great metallic leather card cases that close with a magnet, which is genius. We also have added a few more Hayden Harnett bags in new styles and colors as they are in much demand these days, and also new 3 Sheets 2 the Wind linen wall panels in bright colors for spring. See images after the jump, and click for a bigger picture.


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