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1000 Journals

Ah, a blast from the past - the 1000 Journals project is still alive and kicking, and there will even be a book out soon with artwork from some of the returned journals. Of course we will stock these books! Many, many years ago, we participated in the project and contributed to a journal, but ours had a very short run and never was returned...I still hope it turns up someday.

This makes me think of a similar project that Poketo is doing right now...speaking of Poketo, new wallets in very soon. And we got more millimeter/milligram in today (I know we aren't open but that doesn't mean I am not doing work at the store!) which I will get online for you to buy ASAP. I have been trying to decide if I should hold new products for the new website, but since the launchdate is stretching out a bit, I think I have to deliver the goods now so you are not without adorable planners and datebooks! OK I am off to photograph said planners right now.

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