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Welcome Back

The shop is open again, and I am drowning in boxes from the past 10 days! It's chilly out there but it is worth a visit. Or, check out the site - we promise to update it tonight, there are many things back in stock:

Bee House teapots
Poketo wallets
Inhabit Structures watch component pendants and rings
Amy Tavern jewelry
Droplet sake/wine glasses
Hlaska wallets
Postcard books from Japan (finally!)
Stop Talking and Poker cards from Set Editions
Pinder laptop bags

Plus brand-new Li Xi (at home we call that "lai see") envelopes from Design Night to celebrate Chinese New Years, or any happy occasion. And did we mention that the spring Matt & Nat bags are here? And we have a few of the brass button satchels back in stock (design*sponge has one and it happened to be in a photo; more people asked about that bag than her spanky new sofa!) much going on here.

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