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New at Rare Device

The usual Wednesday bonanza at the shop...we are restocked on the Melie Bianco bags, and I have more of the cool colored leather ones coming in a couple weeks. Also, we have a fabulous red Poketo tee with birds on it, but not the cuddly kind...and we have new Pancake and Franks cards from San Francisco. There is a red tiger tattoo card for all occasions and some other treats.

On to the new stuff! We are proud to carry limited-edition books from Cloverfield Press in Los Angeles. The folks running the press are teaming up an author and an artist to make lovely mini books of short fiction, housed in a letterpressed cover. We have 4 titles, including a little Haruki Murakami story and one by filmmaker Miranda July.

Also new are Kbox from Australia. These are the minimalist's jewelry box! They are lovely black aluminum with rubber micro feet so they don't scratch. They are modular and can stack, and there are two styles of felt inserts in 4 colors to accomdate earrings, cufflinks, bangles etc. I love them. Soon to be on the website.

Finally, a little jewelry from Swallow, one of my favorite shops in Carroll Gardens. Ria is a sculptor and makes wonderful jewelry, we are lucky to get a bit for the shop.

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  • the fabric under the books looks great— what is it?


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