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Well I almost forgot to post about this, but I heard some Van Halen in a store today (you know the album, the long long intro...yes I used to own it!) and it reminded me. Judith from Analogous Jewelry came by with more of her razorblade necklaces as well as a few new designs. I think the outstanding one is a zigzaggy snake with a heart-shaped pearl, much like something from the Lucky Charms box, in its mouth. However she also brought a little hand, cast in silver and curled up into heavy metal horns, strung on a chain. Oh my I laughed a LOT. You have to come see this.

On the way, I believe: elegant fall clothes from Dace, a Vancouver line, plus a new candle line, and oh yeah the Jill Bliss drawings! I am so excited to get it, though not exactly sure yet how I am going to hang it all. Also, as a special treat, we'll have one of Courtney Skott's faux bois stools in the window too. It is so gorgeous, she upholstered a "stump" in tea-dyed silk with a bumpy, removable bark cover. So much California talent, I can't stand it! Don't forget to come meet Jill on Saturday at the shop.

Finally, Lena Corwin is kindly bringing some of her bestselling melamine plate designs in for the holidays. These decorative plates would look sweet on your wall.

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