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Did you know Wednesdays are the new Mondays? That's right, when you have a little shop like Rare Device, Wednesday is the first day of the week after the weekend that you open, and all the packages you might have received on Monday and Tuesday show up (along with anything actually scheduled for Wednesday) and then you panic and have a messy time unpacking all day long. It is like Christmas both in the joy of opening boxes and the cleaning up of the mess. And I'm talking to you, packing peanuts!

Anyway, let's skip to the fun part. What did we receive today?

- latest issues of Kitchen Sink, Cabinet, Skyscraper, and Lemon
- great Japanese books on colors in nature, modern illustrators, and vintage American fabric
- a book about classic wooden toys and puzzles designed by Kurt Naef, beautiful book
- little boxes in various shapes, sizes and textures for trinkets and valuables
- fabulous stretchy lovely clothing by Kelly Lane of Pittsburgh
- restock of dottyspeck cloud necklaces
- restock of keyaki wood teacups
- restock of nylon passport cases
- restock of keishi lariats by Kristen McCloud
- restock of Deadly Squire sachets, potholders, coin purses, and new journals
- and there must be more, my memory is getting poorer every year

In the pipeline - calendars by Jill Bliss, Nikki McClure and maybe, maybe Camilla Engman. Stay tuned, they won't last very long I'm sure.

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