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It's funny when I'm in the shop all day. Sometimes I play the same CD over and over, sometimes I don't put anything on at all. I pulled one from the vaults, so to speak, and everyone asked what it was, which usually doesn't happen. And it was Sunny Day Real Estate from 1994 so I am really dating myself here.

Anyway! Goals for today are adding two more products to Rare Picks - one is a gorgeous hammered glass cup from Sugahara Glass, and the other are equally wonderful teacups with eerie, opalescent patterns running through them. For those of you who were wondering, Rare Picks is a subset of the collection at the Brooklyn store so you can see things in person if you live here (but if you are coming from a distance, call ahead to make sure things are in stock). Our current bestseller is the My Perennial "Initial" pillow with then handdrawn monogram that is silkscreened on the face that was mentioned in design*sponge last week. These are very sweet for you, a wedding couple, or maybe a baby's room.

New at the shop - hopefully my House of Spy clothing order will be here today. They went through customs and were bounced back as the labels were in the wrong location :P but now all is okay and they are on the way. We are planning another lookbook of Fall styles at the shop, again shot by the talented Youngna Park.

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  • i’ve been listening to a mojave 3 cd on repeat for the past 2 days, so i know how you feel!!!


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