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We try really hard at Rare Device to stock great handcrafted products. At this point in the game, sometimes a product starts handmade and is eventually sent out to someone else to make (which is usually a happy occasion, as it means the artist has gotten very popular). But, we're always pleased to carry items that are completely maker-made.

Today we received work from Mittenmitten and Zuzupop. I have Mittenmitten's 2Rivet wallets - they are minimalist, carefully cut and folded kidskin wallets in a rainbow of colors and yes, put together with 2 rivets. That's it. If you just need something for a few bills and a card or two, this is the wallet for you.

Zuzupop is the work of Tes de Luna and she drafts the patterns, cuts and sews her line herself up in Seattle. This summer we have fun sweet pieces reminiscent of childhood - candy colored polkadot blouses, eyelet tunics with a retro printed sash, puff sleeves and bubble skirts. We have some of her printed tees as well, embellished with embroidery and a scattering of sequins.

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