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Tea and Coffee

Maybe we shouldn't call it an obsession but I am really into tea and coffee...okay, and chocolate and cheese and all of those other goodies, but I can only carry what won't melt in the shop.

We have just run out of Jenaer tea glasses, forever I think, but we have more Coffee for One presses in, and their cousin, the 34 oz Coffee Press (sans cup). And, I have tea in as well! I have 2 and 4oz lock-top canisters of Ti Kuan Yin and Silver Needles from Adagio, I have tasted both and they are great. I also have Jasmine Blossoms - these are the walnut-sized handformed tea bundles that expand like a flower in your teacup! They are great paired with our all-glass teapot so you can watch the blossom open.

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