I had a post all ready, with pictures, about the new stuff at the shop, but Blogger decided to be offline all afternoon so that post will have to go up tomorrow. Right now I will alert you to two events...

The New York comics museum, MoCCA is having an art festival this weekend at the Puck Building in Manhattan. Tons of creators selling goods! Chris Ware talking to Charles Burns! All good stuff. I will be there if someone covers for me at the shop. Thanks to Matthea for the tipoff!

And...LVHRD is sponsoring a Paul Pope talk on the 27th. Which I would LOVEx3 to see. But it seems really expensive ($33-55). Yeah, I'm cheap and this is New York and everyone's got to eat, but I haven't ever paid that much for a *lecture*, even if the drinks are provided. So sadly I am out. But AdHouse Books is publishing an art retrospective this month, and I'll be trying to get that for the shop.