As promised the new bags and totes from Hong Kong are here. The brand names are Rabeanco and Chat Chat, and they are made with the most lovely-colored leather. And because I know what you are looking for, 4 of the 5 styles I have chosen have removable long shoulder straps for that cross-body action. Heck, one of the totes has removable handles as well, so you can really clean up the look of your bag!

Reminder: I've been preparing for weeks now for two events:

Gen Art Shop NYC on June 14 - This event is at the Puck Building from 6 to 10pm and I will be selling my jewelry, over half will be new designs or one-of-a-kind pieces. You can buy tickets online at 60% off by going to and entering "designer" for the discount code...and I have two FREE passes, if you are the first two to email me with your first/last name I will put you on the list at the door. See flyer below for designers.

7th Heaven Street Fair on June 18 - we're hauling a bunch of stuff outside for a giant sidewalk sale so don't miss it. If you are not a street fair kind of person, we're at the very end so you can always sneak in at 16th St and leave quietly with your goodies.