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Arrivals and Departures

Today was the last day of Lena Corwin's show at Rare Device. It was so wonderful to work with her and to look at her beautiful designs all month! The window is now bare and it is a shock, I feel quite naked now that the tree backdrop is gone. Incidentally, the temperature has gone up about 10-15 degrees since the start of the show and the afternoon sun is going to be quite a killer.

I'm going to keep some of the limited edition plates on hand, and the great vintage ties (hint hint Father's Day).

Fun things that came in the post today: a few new card designs by Hanna Werning, the coolest greeting cards around. A small shipment of the Buddha Machine, a mysterious little box that plays a small assortment of looped electronic music when you turn it on - it's rather magical, like something in a novel. Also, more keyaki (Japanese elm) tea cups and little sake cups, carved from a single block of wood. And, more Sugahara glassware, this time a hammered glass sake or very small old-fashioned cup.

The etched glass carafes are back in stock, as are the all glass teapots. Both are very lovely wedding-type presents. I'll try to get them on the site this week.

Finally, I am not sure if I mentioned it but I'll be at the Gen Art Shop NYC event on June 14. It's a fun shopping event with lots of accessories and clothing at sample sale prices. I'll be hawking my Spring jewelry line there, plus a bunch of fun one-offs, aka contenders for the Fall collection.

Press notes: Turk and Taylor is featured in this month's Gotham. Analogous Jewelry is in this week's Time Out NY. And we are due to make an appearance in a couple magazines next month as well...

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