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Sale Time

It's June and I want lots of visitors and so I'm having a big old sale at the shop. I have marked down ALL pillows up to 50% off, plus many of the bags, belts, clothing that seems too warm for summer, all sorts of things are marked down 25-50%. You just have to come by and take a peek.

Also - there is a sale of sorts on Gen Art Shop NYC tickets - 60% off the price you would pay at the door. Just buy them online with the discount code of 'designer' and then come by the Puck Building after work on June 14. Sometimes they provide gelato which sounds even better than the free drinks on a day like today.

NOTE TO S.F. PEOPLE: Gorgeous show at Edo salon in the Lower Haight, the opening is tonight (Friday night), I really want to be there but can't, please go for me!

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