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I have been lusting after this line for about 7 years so it's really excited to be able to carry a tiny bit of it - Sugahara glass is made by artisans in Japan. The first products in are a sake bottle and 2 tiny cups (sold separately for your convenience) in a gorgeous thin matte black glass. You really have to see it and hold it - from a distance it looks like turned aluminum but then you realize what it is!

Also in today are just a few bags by Nam Kim of Brooklyn. She has taken a military flyer's bag, modified the design and recreated it in leather. It is a lovely flat tote for men or women, and I have it in black and a yummy brown with a hint of red to it.

Korea Post delivered more millimeter/milligram goods this morning too. We are back in stock on the blue Ping Pong calendars and Lucky Week calendars, and there are new items as well: a green leather wallet, photo albums, small notebooks, sketchbooks and a daily planner, and "CD skins" - two brightly printed labels to fit onto your CDs and a matching cardboard sleeve to put them in. It really dresses up your mix CDs for yourself or a gift.

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