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Thanks to everyone who came by last night, brought brownies, made mix CDs, sent flowers, or called to wish us good luck. It was really cool to see my designers, authors and artists all together. It was also cool to see how many people we could pack in here...

Today was fairly quiet, which gave me time to put the store back together. There are new bags by Sew Pretty, and they are indeed correctly named. There are sparkly going out bags and belts by Buss Buss. The Abitax large MP3/camera pockets are already here, they look like thumbless mittens. It is so cold out, it is starting to make sense to keep your icy cold iPod in a warm felt pocket.

We also have Poketo wallets now - I'm very excited about them, I have 6 or 7 different artist styles to pick from. There are some abstract ones but the monkey wearing different hats (you just have to see it) is my fave.

Finally, a new Hannukah and Snowflake card from Possum & Chestnut. They are interactive (!) and very nice.

Due to some good press attention, which will be revealed next week, we are stepping up the e-commerce part of the shop. It is a damned good thing I spent 8 years working on websites. There will be a *very* select few products available, as a test, and to keep my sanity for the holidays. Once the bugs are worked out, we'll gradually add more Rare products.

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