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New Bags

I have been waiting a long time and they are finally here! I have a few styles of bags from Kisim, an Israel/California design company. They have lovely, geometric, minimal bags of buttery and glazed leather, and also fabric-lined nylon. One shape is like a portfolio so if you want to kill 'em at your graphic design firm, this is the bag to have.

Also new - Bling-Blink "diamond" rings from AlissiaMT. I believe MOMA has just picked these up. A great design concept and just fun, rings with the classic diamond profile but executed in acrylic. I have a bunch of sizes and colors to pick from.

More scarves arrived today, one is crocheted linked loops by Mmm..Fiber and the other are fine wool with a sassy bird appliqued on the ends, all the way from England, by Erin Originals. Erin also sent some very clever coin purses made from colored tape measures, they are folk art and modern at the same time.

That's it for now...the Aida Dirse pottery is starting to go, but more are on the way. How will you ever pick?

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