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Rare Device is pleased to announce our September 2016 gallery exhibition, Ultramarine, featuring artists Linda Fahey and Erika Peterson. Ultramarine features paintings and sculpture works capturing the color and feeling of the ocean and its largest creatures, whales.


About the artists:

Linda Fahey is a Bay Area ceramic artist by trade, painter/illustrator by background. Linda owns a small shop + studio in Pacifica called YONDER where she makes and sells her work and the work of other makers. Linda has been painting and drawing for most of her life and has been currently focused on watercolor studies of the nature and the ocean.

Erika Peterson is a native of California and lives in San Francisco. She spends her free time at Ruby’s Clay Studio and Gallery where she is a member, but works full time as a graphic designer. Her  sculptures, both past and present are influenced by nature, reflecting both recognizable and imagined objects. Her current focus is whales.

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