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Hot Springs by Shaine Drake

Hot Springs by Shaine Drake

Hot Springs by Shaine Drake in the Rare Device gallery

Rare Device is happy to present Hot Springs by artist Shaine Drake. The work in Hot Springs is a magnification of the natural textures we pass by each day, and all of their overwhelming variations. "With marbling, so much mimics what’s found in nature, like ripples in water, the rings of a tree, or foam at the shore of the bay," explains Drake. "There is a lot of nostalgia in each piece where I’m reimagining the variations I’ve encountered.  I hope to do the same for viewers; that in the work they can recall a memory of objects or patterns they’ve seen and create a new story."

Show Dates: January 19th - March 3rd

Reception Friday, January 19th, 6-8pm

Artist Statement: Marbling is constantly working with and adapting to movement, a surface that shifts after each pass you make.  My focus is on rolling with these uncontrollable changes and embracing the irregularities, using it as both a form of personal therapy and a way to express my sensory experience of the natural world around me.  I love the idea of the work acting as a kind of Rorschach test and people creating personal narratives from them, seeing what they want to see.  Do you see a tree or a river, an amoeba or a galaxy, smoke or moving water and why?

Artist Biography: Shaine Drake is a San Francisco-based marbling artist working predominantly with paper, fabric, and leather.  She’s been marbling since 2012 when a stumbled-upon kit didn’t create the best results and she became obsessed with figuring out the process, falling in love.  Shaine often works in collaboration with other artists, friends, and small businesses to create small batch custom marbled items, while also working on personal projects exploring the medium.

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