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Art Is Art: Creativity Explored at Rare Device

Art Is Art: Creativity Explored at Rare Device

Art Is Art: Creativity Explored at Rare Device gallery show

In honor of Creativity Explored’s 40th anniversary and the release of their book, Art is Art, Rare Device invited a select group of neurodiverse artists to showcase their drawings and sculpture. Original artworks include popular color-block oil pastel portraits by Vincent Jackson, who has worked at CE for four decades; Nubia Ortega’s cartoon-like ceramic cars glazed with Crayola-like hues; and Gerald Wiggin’s sculpture “dude” figures who are named after imaginary and known characters. You’ll love the pops of color and whimsical nature of these artists’ work and will learn firsthand how Art is Art, no matter who makes it. 

Show Dates: March 8th - April 21st

Opening Reception: Friday, March 8th, 6-8 pm

About Creativity Explored:

Creativity Explored is a studio and gallery in San Francisco that supports a neurodiverse community of over 135 artists with disabilities, providing opportunities to create, exhibit, and sell their work. Founded in 1983, Creativity Explored has facilitated the careers of hundreds of neurodiverse artists and serves as a model in the field of art and disability worldwide. Our life-changing programs continue to open doors of inclusion to center the personhood and creative vision of people with developmental disabilities. Most importantly, Creativity Explored is a source of community, empowerment, and dignity.

About the Artists:

Vincent Jackson is one of the longest-practicing artists from CE, creating since 1984. He considers himself a seasoned CE member but has no intentions of slowing down. He says, “They ask me, ‘Oh are you Vincent?’ I go, ‘Yeah, I'm Vincent. A great artist, and a powerful one."

“In a hundred years, we could do better. And we could just keep trying to let people know that we’re still here in San Francisco.”
Creativity Explored artist Vincent Jackson

Nubia Ortega balances her detail-oriented and playful artistic style with grace. Ortega takes her time on each piece, voluntarily extending her time in the studio to bond with peers and friends. “It's not work, I come here to have fun, have my friends. All my friends here love me and my teachers (love me). I feel really good here.”Creativity Explored Artist Nubia Ortega

Gerald Wiggins loves working across many mediums, but regardless of the choice, his artmaking approach is always the same. “I start with the face, the eyes. The eyes are the soul– you gotta give it some soul.” From there, he works from the head down. Once the form is complete, he works from the feet back up, making sure every detail is perfect.

"Why I like to draw people—because they are interesting. You can make up how their day is, how they are, give them a little attitude, and a little personality. It’s the same with my clay stuff too. You can make up how they are. I like that."Creativity Explored artist Gerald Wiggins

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