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Instant Noun: Person Place Thing


"The first time you shoot a Polaroid it’s like magic. No other photographic process looks, feels or acts like Polaroids do. The second they roll out from the camera they are nostalgic. They usually feel somewhat ethereal, dreamy, and chancy. It is the nature of their process that colors, focus, composition are all slightly uncontrollable. To me, that is what gives them their ultimate power and interest. In thinking about how we choose subjects to photographs it dawned on me that it’s usually a NOUN that we see depicted: a person, place or thing. For this exhibition I wanted to simply conglomerate Polaroids, organizing them by these categories. Allowing the randomness of these broad subjects to start to form their own narrative. I simply invited a group of artists/makers/photographers/polaroid enthusiasts/writers/ poets/etc. to send me their favorite NOUN polaroid images. And this show is the result." - Lisa Solomon

Artists include: Shari Altman, Connie Begg, Anne Bowerman, Wendy Crabb, Alison Garnett, Andrea Jenkins, Ava Jenkins, Bob Lake, Jenifer E.S. Lake, Leslie Sophia Lindell, Ann McGarry, Katrina Rodabaugh, Leah Reich, Lisa Solomon

Curator Bio: Lisa Solomon is a mixed media artist who moonlights as a graphic designer, professor, and occasional curator. She often questions and deconstructs the meaning of identity and personal histories through the exploration of mediums traditionally associated with domestic crafts. A “happa” [1/2 Japanese, ½ Caucasian] she feels as though hybridization is consistently at play in her work. A long time Bay Area resident, she received her BFA from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College. Lisa shares a home with her husband, her young daughter, a pitbull, a deaf french bulldog, a stumpy tail and 2 three-legged kitties, and many many spools of thread. She has a lovely garden and a kick-ass studio in her backyard that she marvels daily is hers.

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